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Jordan Walden is a relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

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Q: What position does Jordan Walden play?
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What MLB team does Jordan Walden play for?

Jordan Walden plays for the Atlanta Braves.

What position does Erik Walden play?

Erik Walden plays Line Back for the Indianapolis Colts.

How fast does Jordan Walden pitch?

jordan walden pitches 101 mph

When was Jordan Walden born?

Jordan Walden was born on 1987-11-16.

How tall is Jordan Walden?

MLB player Jordan Walden is 6'-05''.

Does Jordan Walden bat right or left?

MLB player Jordan Walden bats right.

Does Jordan Walden throw right or left?

MLB player Jordan Walden throws right.

How much does Jordan Walden weigh?

MLB player Jordan Walden weighs 250 pounds.

How old is Jordan Walden?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Jordan Walden is 26 years old.

What is Jordan Walden's number on the Atlanta Braves?

Jordan Walden is number 52 on the Atlanta Braves.

Where was Jordan Walden born?

MLB player Jordan Walden was born in Fort Worth, TX.

How much money does Jordan Walden make?

MLB player Jordan Walden made $1490000 in the 2014 season.

When and where was baseball player Jordan Walden born?

Jordan Walden was born November 16, 1987, in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

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What position does Jordan Ayew play?

Jordan Ayew plays as a Forward for Ghana.

What position does Jordan Pacheco play?

Jordan Pacheco is a catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What position does Micheal Jordan play?

shooting guard

What position Michael Jordan play?

shooting guard

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He played the shooting guard position

What position does Jordan Schroeder play?

Jordan Schroeder plays center for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Jordan Staal plays center for the Carolina Hurricanes.

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