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Gosder Cherilus plays Offensive Tackle for the Indianapolis Colts.

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Q: What position does Gosder Cherilus play?
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What NFL team does Gosder Cherilus play for?

Gosder Cherilus plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

What college did NFL player Gosder Cherilus play for?

NFL player Gosder Cherilus played for Boston College.

When was Gosder Cherilus born?

Gosder Cherilus was born in 1984.

How tall is Gosder Cherilus?

NFL player Gosder Cherilus is 6'-07''.

What is Gosder Cherilus's number on the Indianapolis Colts?

Gosder Cherilus is number 78 on the Indianapolis Colts.

How old is Gosder Cherilus?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Gosder Cherilus is 30 years old.

How much does NFL player Gosder Cherilus weigh?

NFL player Gosder Cherilus weighs 314 pounds.

How many Dominican football players?

There are no NFL players, past or present, from the Dominican Republic. There are four players from Haiti, the country that shares the same Island as the Dominican republic. These players are Vlad Ducasse, Junior Galette. Gosder Cherilus and Ricot Joseph.

Who is the tallest player on colts football?

As of Dec 3rd 2014, the tallest current player is Matt Hall at 6 foot 9 inches... But he is on IR currently. There are several players tied behind him at 6 foot 7 inches (Anthony Castonzo, Gosder Cherilus, Joe Reitz)

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