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When a player plays significant minutes at BOTH the POWER FORWARD (or SMALL FORWARD) and CENTER position they get labeled with the position FC (forword/center).

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Q: What position does FC stand for?
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What does the FC stand for in Sounders FC?

fc stands for "football club"

What does fc stand for in fc Barcelona?

FC means FOOTBALL CLUB in Fc Barcelona

What does the FC stand for in FC Barcelona?

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What does FC stand for in FC Dallas?

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What does FC stand for?

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FC Barcelona stands for Futbol Club Barcelona

What does the fc stand for in the name of a soccer team?

FC stands for Football Club.

What is the motto of United Africa FC?

United Africa FC's motto is 'United We Stand'.

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Chelsea is in the top position of English Premier League

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Suarez is a striker for Liverpool FC.

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