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fc stands for "football club"

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Q: What does the FC stand for in Sounders FC?
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When was Seattle Sounders FC created?

Seattle Sounders FC was created in 2007.

What does fc stand for on the seattle sounders t-shirt?

Football Club or Futbol Club

When was Seattle Sounders FC Community Shield created?

Seattle Sounders FC Community Shield was created in 2010.

When did Seattle Sounders FC Community Shield happen?

Seattle Sounders FC Community Shield happened in 2010.

Did sounders fc ever play at safeco field?


When did the Seattle Sounders FC play their first soccer game?

Seattle Sounders FC is an American Professional soccer club based in Seattle, Washington that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS). Sounders FC was established in Novermber 2007 as an MLS expansion team, making it the 15th team in the league.

Are the Seattle sounders new?

the seattle sounders FC is now new this year of 09. they have lost two games and one of there founders is Jim carrey. the sounders are not brand new new this year but sounder FC is to clarify. FC just means they are more profesional, in a better league and have brand new players

What has the author Richard Morrison written?

Richard Morrison has written: 'Seattle Sounders FC season one' -- subject(s): Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer team), Soccer teams, Soccer, History

When is Chelsea vs Seattle Sounders FC Pakistani time?


What is the name of the training camp for the Seattle Seahawks and sounders FC?

Virginia Mason Athletic Complex

Who is Freddy Monetero?

Freddy Monetero is a soccer player who plays with the MLS team, Seattle Sounders FC

For what club does Clint Dempsey play?

As of June 2014, Clint Dempsey plays for Seattle Sounders FC, a club in United States.