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he was an awesome player and he can manage to play each positions on the field even as a goalkeeper

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Q: What position does Edgar davids play?
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How tall is Edgar Davids?

Edgar Davids is 169 cm.

What English team did Edgar Davids play for?

Totthem Hotspur

What is Edgar Davids's birthday?

Edgar Davids was born on March 13, 1973.

When was Edgar Davids born?

Edgar Davids was born on March 13, 1973.

Which football club does Edgar davids play for?

i think he retired last year. He was playing for Ajax.

How old is Edgar Davids?

Dutch former footballer Edgar Davids is 45 years old (birthdate: March 13, 1973).

What is Edgar davids country?


Is Edgar davids colour blind?


What was Jefferson Davids position in the Civil War?

what was jefferson davids position in the civil war

What position does Edgar Salli play?

Edgar Salli plays as a Midfielder for Cameroon.

Anyone know 3 players that have played for 5 champions league winners?

Edgar Davids Ronaldo Tony Hibbert Edgar Davids Ronaldo Tony Hibbert

What position does Edgar Ibarra play?

Edgar Ibarra is a relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

What position does Edgar Olmos play?

Edgar Olmos is a relief pitcher for the Miami Marlins.

Which soccer player wore glasses?

Edgar Davids

What was the name of the dutch soccer player sunglasses?

Edgar Davids.

Which world famous player has the eye condition glaucoma?

Edgar Davids

Who is Edgar Davids?

a soccer player for ajax AFC now (2007/08)

Is Edgar Davids on fifa 11?

yes go to crystal palace fc

What famous football player wore 26?

Edgar Davids for Juventus and John Terry for Chelsea

Which soccer players wore number 26?

Edgar Davids, Nemanja Vidic, John Terry

3 players that have played at 5 winning European cup teams?

Ronaldo and Edgar Davids is two of them

Who has played for 5 football clubs who have wone the European cup?

Ronaldo de lIMA, EDGAR DAVIDS,

Who is the soccer player that wears glasses?

Edgar Davids from Holland. H use glasses and he played with Juventus and Ajax Amsterdam.

What position does Edgar Renteria currently play on the San Francisco Giants?

Edgar Renteria currently plays short stop for the San Francisco Giants.

Who has played for five clubs that have won the European cup?

Edgar Davids and Ronaldo (Brazil) and a possible third one

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