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Ed Lucas is a second baseman for the Miami Marlins.

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Q: What position does Ed Lucas play?
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What MLB team does Ed Lucas play for?

Ed Lucas plays for the Miami Marlins.

What position does Lucas Digne play?

Lucas Digne plays as a Defender for France.

What position does Lucas Biglia play?

Lucas Biglia plays as a Midfielder for Argentina.

What position does Lucas Nix play?

Lucas Nix plays Guard for the Oakland Raiders.

What position does Lucas Harrell play?

Lucas Harrell is a starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What position does Lucas Luetge play?

Lucas Luetge is a relief pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.

What position does Lucas Lessio play?

Lucas Lessio plays left wing for the Arizona Coyotes.

What position does Cornelius Lucas play?

Cornelius Lucas plays Offensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions.

What position does Marcus Lucas play?

Marcus Lucas plays Wide Receiver for the Carolina Panthers.

What position does Lucas Duda play?

Lucas Duda is a first baseman for the New York Mets.

When was Ed Lucas born?

Ed Lucas was born in 1939.

What position does John Lucas III play?

John Lucas III plays point guard for the Utah Jazz.

How tall is Ed Lucas?

MLB player Ed Lucas is 6'-03''.

What position does Ed Jovanovski play?

Ed Jovanovski plays defense for the Florida Panthers.

What position does Ed Reynolds play?

Ed Reynolds plays Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does Ed Davis play?

Ed Davis plays power forward for the Memphis Grizzlies.

What position does Ed Stinson play?

Ed Stinson plays Defensive End for the Arizona Cardinals.

What position does Ed Dickson play?

Ed Dickson plays Tight End for the Carolina Panthers.

Does Ed Lucas bat right or left?

MLB player Ed Lucas bats right.

Does Ed Lucas throw right or left?

MLB player Ed Lucas throws right.

How much does Ed Lucas weigh?

MLB player Ed Lucas weighs 208 pounds.

How old is Ed Lucas?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Ed Lucas is 32 years old.

What is Ed Lucas's number on the Miami Marlins?

Ed Lucas is number 59 on the Miami Marlins.

Where was Ed Lucas born?

MLB player Ed Lucas was born in Grand Rapids, MI.

What position does Lucas Neill play in Australia?

centre back/full back