What position does Daniel Briere play?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Daniel Briere plays center for the Colorado Avalanche.

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Q: What position does Daniel Briere play?
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What NHL team does Daniel Briere play for?

Daniel Briere plays for the Colorado Avalanche.

What team in the olymipics does Daniel Briere play for?

Briere didn't appear in the Olympics, but he would play for Team Canada.

How tall is Daniel Briere?

NHL player Daniel Briere is 5'-10''.

What is Daniel Briere's number on the Colorado Avalanche?

Daniel Briere is number 48 on the Colorado Avalanche.

Where was Daniel Briere born?

Daniel Briere was born in Gatineau, Quebec on 10-06-77.

Does Daniel Briere shoot right or left?

NHL player Daniel Briere shoots right.

How much does Daniel Briere weigh?

NHL player Daniel Briere weighs 179 pounds.

How do you write a letter to Daniel Briere of the Buffalo Sabres?

Daniel Briere is no longer a member of the Buffalo Sabres. He is now a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

What year was Daniel Briere born?


Does Daniel Briere have any kids?

yes he does

What position does Daniel Sturridge play?

Daniel Sturridge plays as a Forward for England.

What position does Daniel Opare play?

Daniel Opare plays as a Defender for Ghana.