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Curtis Granderson plays center field for the New York Yankees.

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Q: What position does Curtis Granderson play?
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What MLB team does Curtis Granderson play for?

Curtis Granderson plays for the New York Mets.

What is Curtis Granderson's Middle Name?

Curtis Granderson has no middle name.

What is Curtis Granderson's birthday?

Curtis Granderson was born on March 16, 1981.

When was Curtis Granderson born?

Curtis Granderson was born on March 16, 1981.

Does Curtis Granderson bat right or left?

MLB player Curtis Granderson bats left.

Does Curtis Granderson throw right or left?

MLB player Curtis Granderson throws right.

Who is the best center fielder in MLB Jacoby Ellsbury Curtis Granderson or Andrew McCutchen?

Curtis Granderson

How much money does Curtis Granderson make?

MLB player Curtis Granderson made $13000000 in the 2014 season.

What is Curtis Granderson's number on the New York Mets?

Curtis Granderson is number 3 on the New York Mets.

How old is Curtis Granderson?

MLB outfielder Curtis Granderson Jr. is 37 years old (birthdate: March 16, 1981).

When and where was baseball player Curtis Granderson born?

Curtis Granderson was born March 16, 1981, in Blue Island, IL, USA.

In what year did Curtis Granderson play in his first baseball World Series?

2006 for the Detroit Tigers.

What team did Curtis Granderson play for before the Yankees?

Granderson played with the Detroit Tigers between 2004-2009 before being traded to the Yankees for the 2010 season.

Should you trade curtis granderson for Ryan braun?

no becaue curtis granderson is one heck of a baseball player and the reason the tigers came in 2nd in 09 is granderson yeah some games he had better than others or he didnt play but his out fielding was OUTSTANDING but now he is with the yanks and there is nothing we can do so i wish him luck

How much did Curtis Granderson get paid to play on the New York Yankees?

The Yankees acquired Curtis Granderson through a three way trade in 2009. Curtis Granderson was signed by the Detroit Tigers in 2008 to a $30.25 million, five-year contract that includes a club option for 2013 that could make the deal worth up to $43.25 million. The Yankees will now honor that contract.

Does Curtis Granderson have a girlfriend?

As Of Today No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What number is curtis granderson?


Who had the most RBIs in the AL for 2011?

Curtis Granderson

Who is faster Ortiz or Curtis Granderson?

Curtis is much faster then Ortiz

When and where did baseball player Curtis Granderson play?

Curtis Granderson debuted on September 13, 2004, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park; he played his final game on September 29, 2013, playing for the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium III.

How many home runs does Curtis Granderson have in his MLB career?

Through the 2012 season, Curtis Granderson has210 career home runs.

How tall is curtis granderson?

6 '2''

How much does Curtis Granderson weigh?


What is Curtis Granderson's email?

Curtis Granderson is a player for the New York Mets. A person will not be able to email him directly, but they may email his agent at: grandy@fullathletemarketing. com.

When did Curtis Granderson start playing for the New York Yankees?

Curtis Granderson's first game as a New York Yankee was on April 4, 2010.