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Corey Hart is a designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners.

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Q: What position does Corey Hart play?
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What MLB team does Corey Hart play for?

Corey Hart plays for the Seattle Mariners.

What is Corey Hart's birthday?

Corey Hart was born on March 24, 1982.

When was Corey Hart born?

Corey Hart was born on March 24, 1982.

When was Corey Hart - album - created?

Corey Hart - album - was created in 1996.

When and where did baseball player Corey Hart play?

Corey Hart debuted on May 25, 2004, playing for the at ; he played his final game on October 1, 2012, playing for the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.

What position does Corey Crawford play?

Corey Crawford plays goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks.

What position does Corey Potter play?

Corey Potter plays defense for the Boston Bruins.

What position does Corey Graham play?

Corey Graham plays Cornerback for the Buffallo Bills.

What position does Corey Dickerson play?

Corey Dickerson is a left fielder for the Colorado Rockies.

What position does Corey Kluber play?

Corey Kluber is a starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

What position does Corey Knebel play?

Corey Knebel is a relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

When was Jade - Corey Hart album - created?

Jade - Corey Hart album - was created in 1998.

When was Corey Hart - baseball - born?

Corey Hart - baseball - was born on 1982-03-24.

Does Corey Hart bat right or left?

MLB player Corey Hart bats right.

Does Corey Hart throw right or left?

MLB player Corey Hart throws right.

How much does Corey Hart weigh?

MLB player Corey Hart weighs 230 pounds.

What is Corey Hart's number on the Seattle Mariners?

Corey Hart is number 27 on the Seattle Mariners.

Where was Corey Hart born?

MLB player Corey Hart was born in Bowling Green, KY.

What position does Corey Brewer play?

Corey Brewer plays small forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

What position does Corey Perry play?

Corey Perry plays right wing for the Anaheim Ducks.

What position does Corey Hilliard play?

Corey Hilliard plays Offensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions.

What position does Corey Nelson play?

Corey Nelson plays Line Back for the Denver Broncos.

What position does Corey Peters play?

Corey Peters plays Defensive Tackle for the Atlanta Falcons.

What position does Corey Wootton play?

Corey Wootton plays Defensive End for the Minnesota Vikings.

What position does Corey White play?

Corey White plays Cornerback for the New Orleans Saints.