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Chris Higgins plays left wing for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Q: What position does Chris Higgins play?
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What NHL team does Chris Higgins play for?

Chris Higgins plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

Who is chris Higgins?

Chris Higgins was an author

When was Chris Higgins - academic - born?

Chris Higgins - academic - was born in 1955.

How tall is Chris Higgins?

NHL player Chris Higgins is 6'-01''.

What character was Dana Kimmel play in Friday the 13th part III?

Chris Higgins

What position does Chris Paul play?

Chris Paul plays the point guard position for the New Orleans Hornets.

What is Chris Higgins's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Chris Higgins is number 20 on the Vancouver Canucks.

Does Chris Higgins shoot right or left?

NHL player Chris Higgins shoots left.

How much does Chris Higgins weigh?

NHL player Chris Higgins weighs 199 pounds.

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What position did Chris Collinsworth play in the NFL?

wide reciever

What position did Chris Dudley play?

He was a center.

Where was Chris Higgins born?

Chris Higgins was born in Smithtown, New York on 06-02-83.

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Chris Wondolowski plays as a Forward for United States.

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Chris Tanev plays defense for the Vancouver Canucks.

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