What position does Caleb Hanie play?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Caleb Hanie plays Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: What position does Caleb Hanie play?
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What NFL team does Caleb Hanie play for?

Caleb Hanie plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

What college did NFL player Caleb Hanie play for?

NFL player Caleb Hanie played for Colorado State.

When was Caleb Hanie born?

Caleb Hanie was born on 1985-09-11.

How tall is Caleb Hanie?

NFL player Caleb Hanie is 6'-02''.

How much does NFL player Caleb Hanie weigh?

NFL player Caleb Hanie weighs 222 pounds.

How much does Caleb Hanie make?

Caleb Hanie will probably make the Rookie minimum for his NFL salary at $310,000. He also will be making more money through other avenues from sponsorship and affiliations. Caleb Hanie is currently listed on to be making extra revenue.

Who plays backup QB to Peyton Manning of Broncos?

Caleb Hanie

What position does Caleb Joseph play?

Caleb Joseph is a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

What QBs are on the Bears?

Jay Cutler #6 Brett Basanez #14 Caleb Hanie #12

What position does Caleb Gindl play?

Caleb Gindl is a left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers.

What position does Caleb Thielbar play?

Caleb Thielbar is a relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

What position does Caleb Sturgis play?

Caleb Sturgis plays Place Kicker for the Miami Dolphins.