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Brian Gibbons plays center for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Q: What position does Brian Gibbons play?
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What NHL team does Brian Gibbons play for?

Brian Gibbons plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

When was Brian Gibbons born?

Brian Gibbons was born on 1950-08-25.

How tall is Brian Gibbons?

NHL player Brian Gibbons is 5'-08''.

What is Brian Gibbons's number on the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Brian Gibbons is number 49 on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Where was Brian Gibbons born?

Brian Gibbons was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on 02-26-88.

Does Brian Gibbons shoot right or left?

NHL player Brian Gibbons shoots left.

How much does Brian Gibbons weigh?

NHL player Brian Gibbons weighs 170 pounds.

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Brian Urlacher plays Middle Linebacker.

What has the author David Brian Gibbons written?

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What position does Brian Westbrook play?

Brian Westbrooke is the Running Back for the Philidelphia Egles.

What position does Brian Campbell play?

Brian Campbell plays defense for the Florida Panthers.

What position does Brian Dumoulin play?

Brian Dumoulin plays defense for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What position does Brian Moorman play?

Brian Moorman plays Punter for the Buffallo Bills.

What position does Brian Clarke play?

Brian Clarke plays Guard for the Dallas Cowboys.

What position does Brian Folkerts play?

Brian Folkerts plays Center for the Carolina Panthers.

What position does Brian Schwenke play?

Brian Schwenke plays Center for the Tennessee Titans.

What position does Brian Hoyer play?

Brian Hoyer plays Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

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Brian Dozier is a second baseman for the Minnesota Twins.

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Brian Duensing is a relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

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Brian Matusz is a relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

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