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Q: What position did cantona play at Manchester united?
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For which team did Eric Cantona play?

Eric Cantona played for Leeds United and Manchester United!!

Did cantona play in the 1999 Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich?

No, Cantona left United in 1997

What number jersey did Cristiano Ronaldo play when he played for Manchester United?

When Christiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United he wore the jersey number 7 made famous by Eric Cantona and david beckham.

What position does chicharito play with Manchester united?

Hernandez (Chicharito) plays as a forward for Manchester United FC.

Did Bryan robson and david beckham play in the same team?

No never, but they did both play for Manchester United. Robson had the number 7, then it went to Eric Cantona then to Beckham,

What position does Nani play for Manchester United?

He plays right wing.

What position does Wayne Rooney play for in Manchester united?

He plays striker.

What position does Anderson play for Manchester United?

Anderson plays as a midfielder.

What position does Manchester united player john o'shea play?

Right back

Which 11 player of Manchester United play best?

They are Wayne Rooney, Eric Cantona, Peter Schmichael., David Beckham, Roy Keane, Andy Cole, Jaap Stam.

Did Eric Cantona get kicked out of football?

No he was not kicked out of football, He was banned for a period of around 9 months but came back afterwards to play 2 seasons for Manchester united before retiring from the game.

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.