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point guard

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Q: What position did Steve Nash play?
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What position does Steve Nash play?


What poisition did Steve Nash play?

Steve Nash plays POINT GUARD

When did Steve Nash play basketball in the US?

Steve Nash play basketball in santa Clara in 1992-93 season.

Who does Steve Nash play for?


What team does Steve Nash play for?

He play for the suns

What college did NBA player Steve Nash play for?

NBA player Steve Nash played for Santa Clara.

What is Steve Nash's position on the basketball court?

point guard

Did Steve Nash ever play in the Olympics?


What inspired Steve Nash to play basketball?

his friends

Did Steve Nash ever play on the mavericks?


Are Steve Nash and rick Nash related?

no Steve Nash is not related to rick Nash.

What is Steve Nash's nickname?

Steve Nash nickname is " NO LOOK NASH "

Is rick Nash related to Steve Nash?

Yes Steve Nash is related to Rick Nash

Is Steve Nash a Christian?

Steve Nash is an Anglican. Steve Nash is a basketball player

What position does Riley Nash play?

Riley Nash plays center for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What religion is Steve Nash?

Steve Nash is not religious.

Is Steve Nash a starter?

no Steve Nash is not a starter

Who did Steve Nash play for?

Phonenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks

Where did Steve Nash play college basetball?

santa clara

What sports did Steve Nash play as a kid?

Soccer and Basketball

Who is better Steve Nash or Dwight Howard?

Steve Nash

Only nba mvp not to play on a championship team?

Steve Nash

Are Rick and Steve Nash related?

Rick and Steve Nash are not related to one another. Rick Nash is an American hockey player. Steve Nash is an American basketball player.

Does Steve Nash have a girlfriend?

Steve Nash is right now married

How tall Steve Nash?

Steve Nash height is 6-3

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