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shooting guard

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Q: What position did Micheal Jordon play?
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How old is Micheal Jordon?

Micheal Jordon is currently 45 years old.

What position does Micheal oher play?

what position did Micheal oher play in the blind side

Did Micheal Jordon play for the wizards?

yes he played for the wizards in 2002

What are all the teams Micheal Jordon play for in the NBA?

Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards.

Did Micheal Jordon die?

NO!! :)

Who a famous person that playes basketball?

to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash

Did Micheal Jordon Own the Washington Wizards?


Is Micheal Jordon in the Hall of Fame?


How did Micheal Jordon revolutionize basketball?


Who invented the game of baseball?

micheal jordon :)

What position does Micheal Jordan play?

shooting guard

Does Micheal Jordon play b-ball?

um... i think he plays BASKET ball

What position does Micheal Spurlock play?

Micheal Spurlock plays Wide Receiver for the Chicago Bears.

Does Micheal Jordon have a wife?

He did, but he's now divorced.

What basketball team has Micheal Jordon own?


What hand does Micheal Jordon use?

right hand

How many times did Micheal Jordon retirer?


What is Micheal Jordon's Basketball Salary?

5 billion

How many awards did Michael Jordan have on the White Sox?

Micheal Jordon never made it to the Major Leagues, and did not play for the White Sox

What basketball player worn the number 23?

Micheal jordon

What number was Micheal Jordon?

Michael Jordan was #23 in the pros

Is Micheal Jordon or Larry Bird better?

Michael Jordan

What did Micheal Jordon pay his wife after divorice?

75 million

How much the Micheal Jordon 1991 championship collection plate?


Who was the first black PGA golfer?

micheal jordon or charles barkley

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