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Q: What popular sports do Brazil have?
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Most popular sports in Brazil?


What popular sports exist in Brazil?

The most popular sport in Brazil is football(soccer). Other sports that are considered popular in the nation include martial arts, volleyball, basketball, and motorsports.

What are tree popular sports in Brazil?

soocer or as they call it football

Is volleyball a popular sport in Brazil?

Yes, volleyball is very popular in Brazil. The top 5 popular sports in Brazil are: Foot volley, Tennis, Basketball, Auto racing, and Volleyball.

What are the most popular sports in Brazil?

Football Or Horse Riding, Also, CRICKET And Polo

What is the most participated sports in the world?

soccer which is is known internationally and is most popular in Brazil

Who is the Minister of Sports for Brazil?

Aldo Rebelo is the Minister of Sports for Brazil.

Why is soccer not as popular as other sports?

Hey there. Well first of all soccer is already popular than most sports. It is the most popular sport in any other countries such as Brazil or England. After all its all about soccer. SOCCER IS THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of sports do they have in Brazil?

Actually they play many sports but, Brazil's official sport is Soccer.

What is a favorite pastime of girls in Brazil?

Some of the favorite pastimes of girls living in Brazil is being able to go to a Soccer game. They also enjoy watching martial arts and other popular sports in Brazil.

What is the Popular Name of Brazil?


What sports do they have in Brazil?


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