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Marx supported Socialism, a classless stateless society based on production for use. Lenin advocated state capitalism, with himself and his followers as dictatorial rulers.

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Karl Marx favored a communist political system based on the abolition of private property and class struggle leading to a classless society. Vladimir Lenin further developed Marx's ideas and implemented a socialist system through the establishment of a one-party state led by the vanguard of the proletariat.

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Q: What political systems did Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin favor?
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Who was the first communist leader in Russia?

Vladimir Lenin was the first communist leader for Russia. After the successful revolution against the Russian Provisional government in October, 1917, Lenin later discarded the term Bolshevik in favor of Communist. The party soon after changed the name of Russia to the Soviet Union.

Who brought the government of communism to Russia?

That was Lenin's goal but after he died Stalin took over and killed many people because he wanted socialism. Lenin did not change Russia into a communist state. He changed it into a socialist sate. This was his purpose all along regardless of the fact that Stalin turned everything into a totalitarian dictatorship. According to Karl Marx, the capitalist society would become a socialist one first, then after generations of socialism it would evolve into communism. Communism is not something that can be imposed on any society, but socialism is. Lenin wanted to start that process so after his revolution he abolished all aspects of capitalism in favor of socialism. Although they called it socialism, it was a very poor imitation of what Karl Marx envisioned. In fact, even calling it an imitation of socialism is going too far.

What major shift in Marxist ideology did Lenin make concerning democracy and totalitarianism?

Lenin shifted in favor of a transition between Tsarism and democracy.

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Magellan lost the favor of the king of Portugal when he became involvedin a political?

Did Vladimir Lenin believe in capitalism?

No, he was against the idea of capitalism and in favor of socialism. Ironically, when the Russian economy failed after the Russian Civil War, Lenin turned to aspects of capitalism in his New Economic Policy in order to improve the economy. Most other Bolsheviks were dead set against the NEP.

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What political party was in favor for increasing the money supply in the late 1800s?

I think it was the political party.

Was Lenin for socialism or against it?

Lenin was very much in favor of socialism as a stepping stone to communism. Being influenced by Karl Marx, Lenin understood that a true communist society had to be preceded by a fairly long period of socialism, perhaps generations long, before human nature lost its capitalistic nature.

What did Lenin abandon to try to ease the suffering of drought and famine in Russia?

Lenin abandoned the policy called "war communism" in order to ease the drought and famine in Russia. H abandoned this in favor of what he called the "New Economic Policy."

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