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Mike piazza rod Barajas octovio dotel

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Q: What players played for both the Mets and Dodgers?
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How many players played with both Yankees and mets?

daryl strawberry, xavier nady

Who played for the mets Yankees dodgers and giants?

Three major-leaguers have played for the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers and Giants: Ricky Ledee, Darryl Strawberry and Jose Vizcaino. However, both Ledee and Vizcaino played for other teams as well; only Strawberry played for just those four.

Who played for the New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers New York Giants and the New York Metropolitans?

No one has played for all four of those teams in a career or ever will for that matter. The Giants & Dodgers are both on the West Coast now. The only person to suit up for all four of those teams was Casey Stengel, as a player for the Giants, player/manager for the Dodgers, and as a coach for the Yankees & Mets. In the post transition era three players have played for the New York Yankees, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers... Ricky Ledee, Darryl Strawberry and Jose Vizcaino

Who played for both mets and cubs?

Ángel Pagán

What player played for both the Yankees and mets?

Gary Sheffield

What are the dodgers players walk up songs?

This link has the song for both position players & pitchers:

How Many Players won both a Yankee and Mets world Championship?

1) Darryl Strawberry: Mets 1986, Yankees 1996, 1998 2) Dwight Gooden: Mets 1986, Yankees 1996

What major league baseball players played for both the New York Mets and New York Yankees in their careers?

Darryl Strawberry Orlando Hernandez rickey henderson yogi berra

Players who have played for both Everton and Rangers?


How did the New York Mets decide on their team colors?

after the Brooklyn dodgers and New York giants left New York for the west coast there wasn't any New York team in the national league.when the mets were created they wanted to attract both old fan bases. the blue in the mets uniform represents the Brooklyn dodgers and the orange was to represent the New York giants.

Who are the hall of famers that played for both the Yankees and mets?

Through the 2009 elections, Yogi Berra is the only one. He played 18 seasons (1946-1963) with the Yankees and 4 games with the Mets in 1965. He also was a manager of both the Yankees (1964, 1984-1985) and the Mets (1972-1975). Casey Stengel also managed both the Yankees (1949-1960) and Mets (1962-1965).

How many players have played for both Arsenal and Liverpool?


Players who played for both Rangers and Chelsea?

Ray Wilkins

Which players have played for both Ajax and united?

Edwin van DerSar has played for both ajax and Manchester united.

Which baseball team did Terry Collins play for?

New York Mets manager Terry Collins never played Major League baseball. Collins did play for 10 years in the minors for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers organizations.

Who played for both the Yankees and mets and hit 40 home runs for both?

For a season, no one. Through the 2008 season, the Mets have had three 40 home runs seasons: 1) Todd Hundley - 41 in 1996 2) Mike Piazza - 40 in 1999 3) Carlos Beltran - 41 in 2006 None of the three players listed above played for the Yankees. For a career, Darryl Strawberry hit 252 home runs for the Mets and 41 home runs for the Yankees.

Who is first player to play for both mets and Yankees?

Gene Woodling...he played for the Yanks in 1949 through the early 50's and then played for the Mets on the woeful '62 team (as a 39 year old).

Which players have played for both Sunderland and Manchester City?

Adam Johnson.

Which players played for both Manchester united and Barcelona?

It was Jody Cruiff.

Which players have played for both Liverpool and leeds utd?

harry kewell

Which players have played for both man city and arsenal?

Emmanuel Adebeyor

Which players have played for both Mancheste city and Birmingham?

Joe Hart

Which players have played for both Aston villa and England?

Ashley young

Which players have played with both Arsenal and Barcelona?

Played For Arsenal and BarcelonaPetit OvermarsHenryGio Van bronkhorstHleb

Which current Portsmouth players played for Chelsea?

None. Diarra and Johnson recently played for both.