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Some players who don't use them are Vlad, Jorge Posada, Moses Alou, Jason Kendall, Coco Crisp, Doug Menchavich, Doug Mirabelli.

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Every defensive player on the field wears a glove. The batter may even wear a batters glove.

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Q: What player wears a glove in baseball?
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In baseball is a player out if he is tagged by glove and not the ball?

Only if the ball is inside the glove

What glove does Carlos Beltran wears?

He sports a Rawlings glove.

How much is a 1920s baseball glove worth?

The bulk of the value on a collectible baseball glove relies on the player that endorsed it. Without a player endorsement the glove will have a lower collectors value and will rely on vintage baseball glove features such as the style of the web. Condition is also important. Flaws such as broken laces, dry leather, and writing on the glove will lower the value.

What is the equipment for a baseball player?

a bat a helmet a glove and a ball

Who picks the uniform that a baseball player wears into the hall of fame?

MLB not the player?

What famous baseball player wears 17?

Dizzy Dean

What famous baseball player wears 7?

Mickey Mantle

How far can a water balloon be tossed to someone before it bursts?

not that far unless the catcher wears a baseball glove somthing soft

First baseball player to sign contract to endorse baseball glove?

i think Phil rizzuto

What country was where the baseball glove was first made?

As baseball was developed in the United States, so was the equipment used. The first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove was in Cincinnati in 1869, when Red Stockings player Doug Allison had a glove made for him by a local saddle maker. Some equipment such as catchers shinguards were modeled after a cricketer's leg pads but, the baseball glove, USA made.

What famous baseball player wears number 16?

Fuzzy Smith

Who is the best baseball player on the jays?

Aaron Hill he wears #2.