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Ed podolak running back Kansas City Chiefs . 1st lion touchdown was Dennis Franklin

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Q: What player scored first touchdown in Pontiac silverdome?
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What is a touchdown?

== == == == When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.

Which Indianapolis Colts player scored the last touchdown in the RCA Dome?

Anthony Gonzalez

Who scored the first touchdown in history?

The origins of American football began in 1869. The intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place at Rutgers in 1869. There is no record of what player scored the first touchdown.

Has any player scored a touchdown against every team?

Terrel Owens and Brett Favre

Jeff Saturday scored a touchdown?

Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts scored a touchdown on an offensive fumble recovery. The touchdown was scored in a 38-34 Indy win over New England in the 2007 AFC Championship Game.

What is a scrimmage touchdown?

I've never heard that term, but I would assume it means a touchdown scored from a play that originated at the line of scrimmage, as opposed to a touchdown scored on a kickoff return.

What Oklahoma Sooner player scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Kenny king-Oakland raiders vs. philadelphia eagles

Who scored the final touchdown for the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV?

Tracy Porter scored the last touchdown for the Saints, making a 74-yard interception return.

Which Player and team scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl 2010?

Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Pass to Pierre Garcon

Who scored the first touchdown in Candlestick?

Ted Kwalick

Who was the Jet player that scored the first touchdown in 1969 Super Bowl?

Matt Snell went 4 yards around the left end to score the Jets' only touchdown in Super Bowl 3

If a team scores a touchdown who kicks after?

the team that scored the touchdown kicks the ball off to the other team