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Q: What player sacked john elway in super bowl 21?
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Who was the only player to be named MVP of a super bowl in his last game as a player?

John Elway of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII.

How many times was Tom Brady sacked in super bowl 46?

He was only sacked twice in Super Bowl 46

How many times was brady sacked in last Sunday's super bowl?

He was only sacked twice in Super Bowl 46

How times did Brady get Sacked in Super bowl 42?

He was sacked 5 times

Who was the quarterback of the super bowl winning broncos?


Who was the quarterbacks in super-bowl 33?

favre and elway

In the heroes Super Bowl commercial who was the famous football player who flew in at the end?

John Albert Elway, Jr.

Who was the oldest Super Bowl MVP?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that would be John Elway who was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII at the age of 38.

What year was John Elway the Super Bowl MVP?

Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999 against the Atlanta Falcons

Who was the quarterback for the broncos in their last Super Bowl?

John Elway.

What number was john elway when he won the super bowl?


Who was QB when broncos went to super bowl?

John Elway