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John Elway of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII.

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Q: Who was the only player to be named MVP of a super bowl in his last game as a player?
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Was there a Super Bowl MVP that lost the game?

Yes Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys is the only player from a losing team to be named MVP of the Super Bowl.

Only MVP for a Super Bowl that lost the game?

Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was the MVP of Super Bowl V and the only player to be named MVP from a losing team.

Who is the only player with 3 interceptions in a super bowl game?

THe player with 3 interceptions in a super bowl game is easily Rod Martin, a DB for the Oakland Raiders when they beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XV.

What year was Super Bowl number 3?

Super Bowl III (the first game actually named "Super Bowl") was the AFL-NFL World Championship game on January 12, 1969 - 2 years after Super Bowl I in 1967.

When did the nfl-afl championship game officially get named the Super Bowl?

The National Football League & the American Football League did not officially name its World Championship Game the Super Bowl until January 1969 to decide the 1968 world champion. That was Super Bowl III, where the New York Jets shocked the world & defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7

Who was the first player to score two touchdowns in a Super Bowl game?

Max McGee of the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I.

What running back holds the Super Bowl record for rushing attempts and how many attempts was it?

Washington fullback John Riggins was named Super Bowl MVP. He finished the game with 2 Super Bowl records: the most rushing yards in a Super Bowl game (166), and the most rushing attempts (38).

What network will telivise the entire Super Bowl game?

what super bowl game