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Tedy Bruschi lead the 2007 New England Patriots in tackles.

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Q: What player led the Patriots in tackles this year?
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Who led NFL in tackles in 2007?

Inside Linebacker Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers led the NFL in tackles. He racked up 174 tackles in 2007.

Which Brown's player had a career high of 95 tackles in 2005?

In 2005 Roye had 59 solo tackles and led the team with 12 quarterback pressures, ranking third with 3 sacks.

Who led the patriots at the sea?

George Rogers Clark is led the Patriots at the Sea.

Who led the 49ers in Tackles in the 2008 season?

Patrick Willis

What coach led patriots to worst record?

The three worst coaching performances of the New England Patriots: 1990:Rod Rust led the New England Patriots to a 1-15 record. 1992:Dick MacPherson led the Patriots to a 2-14 record. 1970: Clive Rush led the Patriots to a 2-12 record.

Who led the Miami Dolphins with 184 tackles in 2003?

Zach Thomas

Did Tom Brady play for the Montreal Alouettes?

No, he was drafted by the Patriots directly out of college, sat one year, and then led them to their first Super Bowl in 2001.

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Who led the patriots to victory at the battle of Vincennes?

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What important event led to neutral in the south to give their support to the patriots?

the Patriots' decisive victory at Kings Mountain, South Carolina

Who made the leading tackler in 2008 for the Arizona Cardinals?

Linebacker Karlos Dansby led the 2008 Cardinals with 119 tackles (95 of them solo).

What important event led neutral civilians in south to give their support to the patriots?

the Patriots' decisive victory at Kings Mountain, South Carolina

What happened at the battle of Yorktown that led to the Patriots' defeat of the British?


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they led supprise attacks on the Hessians.

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Who led in half time in the 2001 super bowl?

The Patriots, 14-3.

Who was New England Patriots coach in Super Bowl XX?

The coach that led 1985 New England Patriots to Super Bowl XX was Raymond Berry.

What was one issue that led patriots to fight in the revolutionary war?

They hated Britain rule

What Patriots Quarterback led them to their only 2 wins in the 1992 season?

Scott Zolak

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How many games have the New England Patriots led in the 4th quarter and lost?


What American victory in the revolutionary war that led France to help the patriots?

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