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Nicolas Anelka

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Q: What player is the most expensive in combined transfer fees?
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Who is the most expensive English football player when you add up his total transfer fees?

Nicolas Anelka - Total transfer fees 85.3 million

Premierships most expensive transfer?

In a single transfer: Robinho (Real Madrid to Man City), £32.5 million In combined transfer fees: Nicolas Anelka (at least six moves), £84+ million

Which football player has the most transfer fees?


Does scot trade have transfer fees?

Scot trade does not have transfer fees if you originally signed up for the most expensive account. They will have no extra fees, though depending on your particular plan you may have to pay some.

Most expensive soccer players in combined fees?

Cristiano Ronaldo. Sporting to Manchester United: £12.25m Manchester United to Real Madrid: £80m

How much are the schools fees for the most expensive schools in Zimbabwe?

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What is beckham transfer fees to LAGalaxy?

his transfer fee is 33.6 million!

What kind of fees are generally applied to a bank transfer?

There are fees that are generally applied to a bank transfer. For example, when money is wired from one bank to another, the banks involved charge fees. Right now, TD has increased the fees for wire transfer from $10 to $17.

What is a COT fee?

Cost of Transfer fees

What are standford university yearly fees?


Who football player has cost money in accumulated transfer fees during his career?

Keane Unfortunately not - Nicolas Anelka thus far.

What is the highest transferee fees paid to soccer player?

The world's most expensive player is Cristiano Ronaldo, he cost Real Madrid £80 million from Manchester United in 2009.

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