What player is the 49ers all time leading rusher?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Through the 2008 season, that is Joe Perry with 8,689 rushing yards.

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Q: What player is the 49ers all time leading rusher?
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Who is usc all time leading rusher?

Marcus Allen

All time leading rusher for divioson 1 football?

The title of all time leading rusher in Division I football is a prestigious one. It is currently held by Ron Dayne from Wisconsin.

Who is the all-time leading rusher for the Northwestern Wildcats?

Damien Anderson is currently the leading career rusher. Tyrell Sutton has a chance to break the record this year.

Who is Virginia Tech's all time leading rusher?

Maurice williams

Who is Miami hurricanes all time leading rusher?

ottis anderson

Minnesota Vikings all time leading rusher?

Robert Smith

Who is the Iowa hawkeys all time leading rusher?

Shonne Greene

Who was the Dallas cowboys all time leading rusher?

Emmit smith

Who is the all time leading rusher for the University of Michigan?

Mike Hart

Who is the All time pac 10 leading rusher?

Charles white

Who was the best running back for the Redskins in 2000?

The leading rusher for the Redskins in 2000 was Stephen Davis with 1,318 yards. Larry Centers was the second leading rusher with 103 yards.

Who is the third all time leading rusher in SEC history?

It is Darren McFadden.