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Q: What player in NFL history sold the most jerseys?
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Who soccer player's jersey is sold the most?

David Beckham and Ronaldo. Are most sold jerseys.

What proffessional athlete has sold the most jerseys?

Ladainion Tomlinson has sold the most jerseys out of any professional football player but i am not sure about all of sports.

NHL team has sold the most jerseys?


Most nfl jerseys sold?

Tom Brady

What is the most sold NFL jerseys?

Derrick Brooks

What NFL player has sold the most NFL jerseys?

Aaron Rodgers has the most the most in the NFL right now and second is Tim Tebow.

Which nhl team has sold the most jerseys?

montreal canadiens

Which Pittsburgh Steelers number has sold the most jerseys?

Troy Polamalu

What year were basketball jerseys sold to the public?

jerseys were first sold to the public in 1988

How many LeBron James jerseys were sold in 2008?

2,136,584 Jerseys

What was the Most NBA jerseys sold in 2007?

Kobe Bryant lakers jersey #24

Who has the most NBA jerseys sold in 2012?

1.Derick Rose 2.Jeremy Lin

How many jerseys has Kobe Bryant sold?

he sold about 3000 bc i bought them all

How many Tebow jerseys were sold in 2011?

2 million

What band has sold most albums in history?


Who sold the most rock albums in history?


Who has sold the most albums in history?

Anibal Pabon

How many Tim Tebow football jerseys have been sold?


Who sold the most Albums in country music history?


Which shops sell basketball jerseys?

A lot of stores don't really sell basketball jerseys because usually you buy more than one and have them printed. Most clothing printing shops sell jerseys and can get them pretty cheap... But they are also sold in certain magazines and all over the web.

What movie was sold most tickets in the US ticket box?

The movie that sold the most tickets in US history was "Gone With The Wind"

What is the video game that sold the most copies in history?

Wii sports which has sold 67.71 million copies

What is the most sold mp3 player?

The Apple iPod.

Who has sold the most Christmas albums in history?

Manaheim Steam Roller!

What artist sold the most concert tickets total in history?