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Q: What player has the most consecutive starts in North Carolina 1A high school football?
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Who holds the record for consecutive losses in high school football in California?


Where did Philip Rivers play high School football?

he played high school football at Athens high school in Athens Alabama where his father Steve was the coach

Who is Kevin Knight the North Carolina football player?

he is a player out of suffolk va, played at lakeland high school. Great athlete and very fast probably has world class speed

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What high school football team has one the most consecutive state titles?

Washinghton high school. In Sioux falls, SD

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57 wynford

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The football player!

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What High school football team in the US didn't lose a game in ten consecutive years?

La Salle High School in California is who you were thinking of.

When was USA Today High School Football Player of the Year created?

USA Today High School Football Player of the Year was created in 1982.

What is similar in professional football and high school football?

the player positions and the field!