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Q: What player has played for arsenal man city and Liverpool?
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Which English football clubs as Nicolas anelka played for?

5, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bolton and Manchester City

Which player has played for five different Premiership teams that are still currently in the Premiership?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and now Chelsea.

Who has played for the most Premiership clubs?

Anelka ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER CITY, BOLTON and now he might join Chelsea so... Probably Andy Cole - he played for Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and now for Sunderland - 7 out of the 20 teams

Which foreign player has played for three English premier league clubs?

Ginola (Newcastle, Spurs, Villa) Solano (Newcastle, Villa, West Ham) Anelka (Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Bolton, Chelsea) Hamann (Liverpool, Newcastle, Man City) Diarra (Arsenal, Chelsea, Portsmouth) There must be loads more....

Who has played in the Liverpool against everton spurs against arsenal and man city against man united derbys?

Nicolas anelka

What player has played for tottenham and man city and Liverpool?

Paul Walsh

What footballer Has Played In The Manchester Liverpool North London And Tyne Derbies?

Do you mean "who has played for either Man U or Man City in a Manchester derby AND for either Liverpool or Everton in a Liverpool derby AND for either Arsenal or Spurs in a North London derby?"? Guesses Paul Stewart, Bobby Mimms, Paul Walsh, Vinny Samways

Which current Manchester City player once played for Liverpool?

Didi Hammann

Which player has played for everton Liverpool man united and man city?

my sister.

How many times has Chelsea played Arsenal and who win most?

Hull city Liverpool Arsenal Tottenham West ham Sunderland Fulham Bolton Man city

Who played for arsenal luton Brighton man city Leicester?

The player is Paul Dickov.

Who has played in Arsenal vs Spurs Man Utd vs Man City Liverpool vs Everton and Newcastle vs Sunderland?

robbie keane