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Barry Bonds ... 762 career home runs and 514 career stolen bases.

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Q: What player had 500 career stolen bases and had 500 career home runs?
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How many home runs and stolen bases does a-rod have?

604 career homeruns an 301 career stolen bases

Who led major league baseball in home runs and stolen bases?

The All Time leader with the most Homeruns in their career is Barry Bonds and the player with the most stolen bases in their career is Rickey Henderson who had stolen 1,406 bases in his career, the player who has stolen the most bases in a single season is Hugh Nicol who had stolen 138 bases while he was with Cincinnati as part of the 1887 campaign and Rickey Henderson was the leader in stolen bases for the 1982 season while with the Oakland Athletics due to stealing a total of 130 bases.

Who was the first baseball player to hit 40 home runs and have 40 stolen bases in a season?

Jose Canseco in 1988.

What 3 shortstops have had 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season?

1) Barry Larkin, Cincinnati Reds - 33 home runs and 36 stolen bases in 1999. 2) Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies - 30 home runs and 41 stolen bases in 2007. 3) Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins - 33 home runs and 35 stolen bases in 2008.

Who was the last 40-40 baseball player?

Alfonso Soriano for the Washington Nationals in 2006 ... 46 home runs and 41 stolen bases.

Who was the player that ran a home run backwards on the bases?

Jim Piersall. He ran the bases running backwards after hitting the 100th home run of his career in 1963 while playing for the New York Mets.

What players have 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases?

Barry Bonds

Who was the player with the most career steals of home?

Ty Cobb with 54 career steals of home

How many stolen bases did Willie Mays have?

Willie Mays stole 338 bases during his career. He is one of only three major league players -- Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez are the others -- to hit more than 600 home runs and steal more than 300 bases.

How many stolen bases did Barry Bonds have in 2001 the year he set home run record?

In 2001, Barry Bonds stole 13 bases.

Who major league baseball player has stolen home the most?

ty cobb

How many home runs did Jackie Robinson made?

12 home runs, 48 RBI and a league-leading 29 stolen bases

Who was the first person to steal 40 bases and hit 40 home runs in same season?

Jose Canseco of the 1988 Oakland Athletics with 42 home runs and 40 stolen bases.

First shortstop to hie 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in a season?

Barry Larkin. Larkin, of the Cincinnati Reds, had 33 home runs and 36 stolen bases in 1996.

Does a post-season home run count in a player's total career home runs?

== == No, post-season home runs don't count in a player's career totals. No post-season stats count towards career totals. They go in a separate category, usually entitled "Postseason Career."

What is the highest amount of stolen bases in one inning?

The record for the most stolen bases in one inning provided it's counting both the home team and the away team would be 8 stolen bases. Washington and Cleveland accomplished this in the 1st inning in 1915. Philadelphia and New York also accomplished the feat but it was in 1919 and it was in the 9th inning.

Who is the player with the most career home runs?

Barry Bonds of course.

What Baseball players have 50 home runs - 40 stolen bases in single season?

brady Anderson, barry bonds

How many bases did Ricky Hernderson steal?

Ricky Henderson is the name of a pro baseball player whi is now retired. During his career, Henderson stole a total of 1,046 bases. His batting average was .279 and he had 297 home runs.

Who is the first player to hit 200 career home runs?

Babe Ruth was the first player to reach 200 career home runs. The Babe hit home run number 200 on May 12, 1923.

Would you trade Jacoby Ellsbury?

Absolutely NOT. He is an excellent baseball player. He makes amazing catches in the outfield and is an amazing lead off hitter. He is the first player in franchise history to hit the 30-30 mark for home runs and stolen bases in one season. He has set multiple records for stolen bases. He recently won the comeback player of the year after breaking his ribs last season, and he also came in second place for the MVP player of the year. He is clearly an amazing baseball player and a perfect match for the Red Sox.

What player hit the most career home runs for the same team?

In MLB, that was Hank Aaron who hit 733 career home runs for the Braves.

What were Jackie Robinsons career stats?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson Career Statistics: Batting Average: .311 Stolen Bases: 197 Strikeouts: 291 RBI: 734 Runs: 934 Hits: 1518 Walks: 740 Errors: 117 Home Runs: 137 Games Played: 1382 At Bats: 4877

How long did Jackie Robinson play for the Kansas City monarchs?

Over his career with the Kansas City Monarchs, Robinson played 47 games while at short stop. His average was .387, and he had a registered 5 home runs and 13 stolen bases.

How many homeruns did Ozzie smith have in his career?

Ozzie Smith had 8 home-runs in his career. He is a baseball player.