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Steve finan, think he played conference and in a world cup and in the champions league too

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Q: What player as played in every English league and is still playing in premier league now?
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Who is first Indian player to play English Premier League?

There is no Indian footballer who has played in the English premier league

Who played in first premier league game and is still playing in premier league?


How many games played by each team in English premier league?

38 Premier League games

What team has never played in the English premier league?

Several teams have not played in the Premier League. Notts County are the only team that agreed to the formation of the Premier League that have not played in it as they were relegated at the end of the 1991-92 season.

What country is English premier league played in?

England, of course!

Name players who played in the first premier league and are still playing in the premier league?

Ryan Giggs and Sol Campbell and David James

Has david villa ever played for Liverpool?

No. He has never played in the English Premier League.

Has a non premier league team played in Europe?

You must be qualified to play in the UEFA champions league europa league to play in europe so you have to be in the premier league if your an english team.

What African footballers have won Champions League and also played in English Premier League?


Who has Jermaine defoe played for?

A striker for English Premier League club.

Why the English Premier League matches are played with one ball?

Because it is

Who has played the most number of matches in the English premier league?

Ryan Giggs

Which 2 Brothers have played in the English premier league?

Bobby and Jack Charlton.

How many Dutch footballers have played in English premier league?

bolo zenden,

Which player has played for 8 english premier league teams?

Marcus Bent

What clubs has bolo zenden played for?

what clubs has bolo zenden played for? in the English premier and the Spanish league

Who is the most successful player that ever played in the English premier league?

david beckham

How many soccer teams have played in every season of the English Premier League?


Who was the first American to play in the English premier league?

John Harkes was the first american soccer player to play in the Premier league. PLaying for Sheffield Wednesday in the EPL's inaugural season. Harkes played 5 seasons in the EPL and a couple more in league 1. Finished his career with 90 National team caps.

Where can one go to watch a game played by teams in the English Premier League?

Live English Premier League matches can be watched on Sky News and ESPN. Highlights of matches can be viewed on both Sky News and the BBC.

Who still plays for premier league that has played in all premier league seasons?

Its Rayan Giggs who has played & scored in all seasons of premier league

Who is the manager of Gillingham FC?

The manager of Gillingham F.C. is Martin James Allen. Martin Allen is an English former football player who played 200 games in the English Premier League before ending his playing career.

Which foreign player has played for three English premier league clubs?

Is it Garry Speed of Ireland.

What footballers have played in the English premier league la liga bundesliga and seire a?

anelka Henry

How many balls are played in an English premier league match?

1 ball in a every match