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Yes, football is played every part of the year

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Q: Is football played in the spring?
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Is football only played in the fall?

No. The NFL and college football are played in the fall, but the Arena Football League and smaller indoor football leagues play in the spring and early summer.

When was Spring Football League created?

Spring Football League was created in 2000.

When was Professional Spring Football League created?

Professional Spring Football League was created in 1991.

When did Professional Spring Football League end?

Professional Spring Football League ended in 1991.

When was Women's Spring Football League created?

Women's Spring Football League was created in 2009.

Is there spring football?

Nope. All football is in the fall and winter.

Did Mike Mondelli ever play football at Florida State as a walk on?

yes mike mondelli played football at Florida state as a walk on in spring of 1994 and fall of 1995

When are certain sports played in the us?

Well, there are alot of sports played in the us.My personal fav. is football which is played in the fall.Basketball is played in the spring and baseball is played in the middlr of the 2.I don't know alot but I jope that helps!!

Where and when was Football played?

Football is played on a football pitch and anytime there is a game! It is played in MLS.

What kinds of games can you play in spring?

In the spring, we play Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc.

Where is football played?

It is played in the stadium, football stadium.

What country is football played in?

Football is played in Australia

Where is football game played?

On a football pitch, a football club's ground, a football stadium, are three possible name for where football can be played.

Is it ok to play football and waterpolo?

Of course it is! As long as your football season ends in the winter, and waterpolo starts in the spring, youre fine. If you want to play spring football however, i wouldn't suggest playing waterpolo.

What is the differnec between argentine football and Brazilian football?

Argentine football is played in Argentina. Brazilian football is played in Brazil.

What is the difference between college football and NFL football?

College football is played by college students. NFL football is played by professionals.

What is the ecfa football league?

ECFA stand for East Coast Football Association - it is a minor league football league consisting of teams from the NJ area all the way do to the VA area - league games are usually played in the spring time of the US calendar year

Why do you love spring?

Because I can play football with my friends

Is football a sport played in California?

Yes, football is played in California.

How did football used to to be played?

in ancient china football used to played by Buddhist.

Where is the football game is going to be played at?

The football game is going to be played in America.

What seasons do you play football?

Football is professionally played from fall to winter. However, football can be played recreationally year-round.

Did the Romans play football?

they played football

Can a woman play football?

Yes, I imagine women are allowed to play American football and whether or not they are capable depends on the individual's physical ability and muscular strength. There is an official Independent Women's Football League (IWFL), Women's Football Alliance (WFA) and a Women's Spring Football League (WSFL). These leagues all play according to the laws of American football as normally played in the NFL (National Football League).

Why is football played on Saturdays?

I have seen that the football match played in all the days in the week....