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Whitey Ford has the most career World Series wins for a pitcher with 10.

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Q: What pitcher has the most World Series wins?
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Which pitcher has the second most World Series wins?

Through the 2008 season, Red Ruffing, Allie Reynolds, and Bob Gibson are tied for second most World Series wins by a pitcher with 7.

Which New York Yankees pitcher has the most World Series wins?

That is Whitey Ford with 10 wins.

What pitcher has most wins in a single World Series?

There are 13 pitchers tied with 3 wins in a single world series. The last to do it was Randy Johnson in 2001.

What pitcher has most World Series wins?

through all the years of baseball and i have played baseball myself the great whit ford has the most with 10 world series wins and 4 of them were shut outs and he had 3 no hitters he is by far the best pitcher in the game of baseball Whitey did have the most world series wins but he did not pitch any no hitters in the regular season or world series.

What pitcher has most wins but no world series appearances?

Old-time pitcher Pud Galvin had 364 lifetime wins, but his career ended 11 years before the first World Series game was ever played.

Which teams have the most World Series wins?

The New York Yankees have the most World Series wins with 27 titles.

Which pitcher has the most World Series wins over the New York Yankees?

Lou Burdette of the Milwaukee Braves with 4 ... he won 3 in the 1957 Series and 1 in the 1958 Series.

Who has the most college World Series wins?


Which team was the most World Series wins?


The most World Series wins?

The Yankees have the most with 27 wins.Pitcher to have the most wins: Whitney Ford.

Who was the first left-handed pitcher to record three wins in one World Series?

Harry Brecheen

What team has the 3 most World Series championships?

1.) New York Yankees 27 world series wins 2.) st. Louis cardinals 10 world series wins 3.) Oakland athletics 9 world series wins

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