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Q: What physical demands does football require?
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Physical demands of an anesthesiologist?

the physical demands of aan anesthology is to put people to slep by a shot.

What are the physical demands for a rapper?

There are many physical demands for a rapper. The rapper is a performer that has to look good for the public.

Why are ballet dancers fitter than football players?

Passion, dedication, length and frequency of training and the physical demands on the entire body.

What jobs require good physical stamina?

Some jobs that involve good physical stamina include basketball, football, arena football, hockey, soccer, rugby, and wrestling.

What are the technical demands of football?

One of the technical demands of football is free-kicks. Another is ensuring that the ball goes where you intend for it to go.

What are the physical demands on an electrician?


What are the physical demands of a dancer?


What are the mental and physical demands of a teacher?


What are the physical demands of a FBI agent?

its hard

What are the physical demands of an interior designer?

Everything is needed.

Physical demands of beeing a tattoo artist?


Are there physical demands for being a lawyer?

the main physical demand for a lawyer is long hours..

Psychiatrist physical demands?

The physical demands of psychiatrist is to find out what is bothing a person or to see what happen to them when they was younger like was a women rape and how did that make her feel or have mental illness.

What is aggression in sport?

Many popular sports require the players to be aggressive. Some sports more than others have physical aggression as part of the sport. In some sports an aggressive mindset in needed and there is no physical contact. Here are the sports, some are Olympic Sports that require physical aggression: 1. Boxing 2. Wrestling Both the above Olympic sports require aggressive physical contact. Non Olympic sports requiring physical aggression: 1. Professional boxing 2. American football 3. Canadian football Winning in a sport that does not require physical contact, always requires an aggressive attitude or mindset to win.

What are the physical demands of being a chef?

pooping hurts alot.

What are the physical demands to make it to the NFL?

Strong, fit and tough.

What are the difference in physical in football and basketball?

In terms of European football and basketball, both require a great amount of stamina and explosiveness. However, basketball requires more lateral quickness and vertical explosiveness, while European football requires forward explosiveness. In terms of American football and basketball, each position in football requires a different type of physical strength (although everyone has to be good at almost every physical aspect).

The body ability to respond or adapt to the demands and stress of physical effort denotes?

Physical Fitness

What are physical demands of a doctor?

the physical demands of a doctor is they will have to walk to their patients room and try to get medicines. possibly carry the child to another room if they do not have time to get them onto a cart. You feel me

What resources does your body require during extreme levels of physical performance?

An athlete's body must be prepared for the demands of a specific activity.. but fitness requirements vary depending on the nature of the activity.

What are the physical surrounding work hours and mental or physical demands of being a doctor?

The physical surroundings of a doctor is a strip club

Should you skip basketball to focus on football if you think that you can go farther in that sport?

Narrowing your focus to football only if you think you can go farther with it might be a good idea. I would also talk it out with both coaches, and make sure that you are ready for the over-the-top physical demands of football.

What are the physical demands for an architect?

The physical demands for an architect is not especially stringent. Most of the time would be spent in an office but time on building sites would be frequent. There were be little lifting and carrying.

What are the physical demands to be a cotton picker?

i dont know, can someone please answer this?

What are the physical demands of a physical psychologist?

First there are many physical demands to become a psychologist some include having patience, coming up with solutions for others problems. helping the patient feel better especailly since that is the job of a psychologist.