What person started chess?

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It is uncertain who started Chess, but it is believed to be the ancient Egyptians; although chess using the modern rules first came about during the middle ages.

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Q: What person started chess?
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Where started the game of chess?

The origin of chess is in India.

How old is chess?

According to a few chess books it started in 15th century B.C

Where could a person find a book on chess strategy?

The department store website Amazon started out as a book seller in the 1990s, and is still one of the best places to purchase books online. Some of the chess books currently offered by Amazon include 'Introduction to Chess Strategy', 'Move By Move', and 'Tactics Time'.

What do chess maven mean?

A "Chess Maven" refers to a person who has special knowledge or experience in chess ; an expert .

When did chess start?

Most historians say that chess started in the 5th and 6th Centuries AD in India.

What games did the Gupta empire invent?

Im going to go with chess. Chess started in india so...

What does chess tell you about the civilization that use chess?

Generallly if you can play chess really well you are considered a smart person, or civilazation.

Where can one purchase a marble chess set?

A person could buy a marble chess set from The Chess Store or the Chess House. There is also Chess USA, Amazon, Chess Central, Overstock, or even buying a second-hand marble chess set through eBay.

Who is the person who controls the chess game?

The arbiter controls the chess game in tournaments.

How did chess start in the philippenes?

It probably started by someone who watched/played chess somewhere else and brought it back to the Philippines

Who credited chess?

wasn't it the guy who started chess records!! no really i believe it was around 6thcentury ad in or around India

What Sport started modern day Olympics?


Was chess started in Germany?

it actually started in the time when Jesus was born by julius caesar in Greece

What do you call a person who plays chess with himself?

A chess player with no-one else to play with.

Is there a way to play online chess against a certain person?

There are a number of chess site where you can play chess with another opponent such as Yahoo Games .

Did the person who invented chess become rich and famous?

Chess evolved from earlier games. It had no inventor.

What was the first country chess started branching out to?

The great INDIA

Why in chess started with white?

because it is attack black is for diffence

What are the benefits of playing chess?

Studies have shown that playing chess helps improve math skills. Also if you can play chess well you are viewed as a smarter person.

Where can one find out about taking chess lessons?

A person can take Chess lessons from a number of sources. Perhaps a friend who plays well, or find a tutor. A person can find the rules of Chess and strategies in books or researching through their computer as well.

How does it call when one person plays chess against many oponnents?

When one person plays chess against many opponents at the same time is called a simul.

What is the name of person who won the World Cup of Chess?

The current chess world champion is Viswanathan Anand (India).

Who is new the World Champion in chess?

The new world champ of chess is Anand. Anand played Kramnik in 11 games. The score was 6.5-4.5. All of the games started 1.d4 except for the last game which started 1.e4

When was chess first made?

It is believed to have started around early 6th century

How was chess started?

Indian generals planning out attacks. Eventually turned into a game.