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At the start of a game, exactly half (50%) of the Chess board squares are occupied by pieces and pawns.

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Q: What percentage start off with chess pieces on them?
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How many white pawns in a chess game?

You start off with 8.

How did chess start?

Chess started as a much simpler game, which was played around the 12th century. This simpler game involved an 8x8 board (iirc) in which opponents would have 2 rows of pieces. These pieces moved in simple ways and interacted in simple ways. Chess was developed a couple hundred years later, and we've been playing that version ever since, though some spin off versions have been created, like Wizard's chess (played drunk), Grand Wizard's Chess (played drunk and under the influence of a hallucinogen) and Champion's Chess (with 2 new pieces, and a larger 10x10 board.

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Can you knock your own piece off the board in chess?


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How many pieces in chess total?

There are 32 pieces. 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 nights, 2 rooks and 8 pawns on each side (or color). == There are 12 pieces on a chess board, according to those who play. The kings, the queens and the pawns are not technically pieces. That leaves the 4 rooks, the 4 knights and the 4 bishops. Technically there are several definitions of the word piece depending on context and it could include the pawns, king and queen. But players during a game will not refer to pawns as pieces. Some definitions say a piece is anything other than a pawn. That would include the King and Queen and is my personal choice. I believe most everyone would include at least the Queen as a piece, since the Queen and Rook are considered major pieces while the Bishop and Knight are referred to as minor pieces and a piece by any other name is still a piece. I like to show off by telling new players that pawns are not pieces. I just hope that that new player does not tell me to read the World Federation of Chess Handbook, Section E. I. 01A Laws of Chess where in Section 2.2 it says this: 2.2 At the beginning of the game one player has 16 light-coloured pieces (the `white` pieces); the other has 16 dark-coloured pieces (the `black` pieces): So who am I to argue wth the World Federation of Chess. But still, I am going to tell new players that pieces are anything but pawns, and take the risk that some newbie is going to tell me I am wrong and I should read the Rules. Besides real players really do not call pawns pieces, no matter what the Handbook says.

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