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hardly 10 %.

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Q: What percentage of kids do homework over sports and other activities?
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What type of animals are in the Great Basin?

Today I will wash my car, watch sports in the television but before that I need to do the English homework and when i finish it I will continue my other activities planed for today.

How can you prevent the fraternity?

by joining in sports and other activities

How can prevent the fraternities?

by joining in sports and other activities

How can prevent fraternities?

by joining in sports and other activities

Does homework mess with school sports?

It can if you don't apply yourself. If you workat your homework instead of goofing off, you can easily have sports as well. You just have to decide that sports and school come first, and other play-time has to be later.

What are the benefits of starting school early?

You have more time for homework and other after-school activities

Why do you think some people were angry about the muckrakers' activities?

because they asked other people to do their homework.

Does homework create stress?

Depends upon the person. Some people become very stressed out because of homework (I am one of those people!) and others it rarely affects. Most people do feel some form of stress before a big exam though. Yes, homework does create stress because as well as our daily homework, we students have other activities such as sports, music related things,etc..

Why is striking important for pe?

Striking is important because it helps you with other sports and activities.

What sports activities does Germany have?

Germany has a Soccer League called the Bundesliga in which the top teams play. And many, many other sports.

What fun activities are there for kids in North Bergen NJ?

There are Hockey, Going to the Beach, and other sorts of other sports.