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0 if your in the middle school and up.....and about 90%in elementary because you have to pay to play recreation leagues

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2009-11-20 14:02:57
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Q: What percentage of kids can not afford to play sports?
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What percentage of kids that play sports?

There is percically 65% that play sports!

What percentage of kids play sports?

65% worldwide D:

What is the percentage of kids globally that play sports?


What percentage of active kids play multiple sports?


What percentage of kids that play sports break bones?

Very Few

What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?

42% of students play sports.

What percentage of kids that play sports are physically fit?

i dont know 50%

What percentage of kids in America like to play sports?

Only about 40 percent of American children play sports. This number reflects the huge number of children in in the United States that are obese.

Should kids with asthma be able to play sports?

Yes i know plenty of kids who play sports with

What percentage of kids that play sports are obese?

most of them because they can't last 2 seconds without face book

How many kids want to play sport's but can't afford it?

From one perspective you could say plenty. Kids may want to get out, play sports, and compete...but can't because their family is dirt poor. Many sports involve a lot of expense. From another perspective, kids can go out and run races against each and do all sorts of other sports with other kids at absolutely no cost whatsoever. So it depends on what sports they may want to do. They can run a race with other kids for free, but could not do motorbike racing against each other for free. Even richer kids may have some sports that are beyond what they can afford. So there is no definitive answer.

What percentage of Americans play sports US sports?


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