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-_- this is correct but not because women aren't good Basketball players. It's because the NBA is for men only. Women play in the WNBA: Women's National Basketball Association

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Q: What percentage of female basketball players make NBA teams?
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How many basketball players are on the team?

Most basketball teams have at least 12 players on their team

What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

How many people is in a basketball group?

Basketball teams each have 5 players.

What percentage of NCAA basketball players make NBA teams?

It is far less than 1%. There are roughly 900 teams in college basketball, with an average of about 12-13 players per team, not included inactive players, which means over 10,000 players per year. There are roughly 360 active NBA players. The NBA is for the truly elite.

Who are 5 famous basketball players and what teams did they play for?

list 5 famous basketball players and state which team they play for

How many players make up basketball team?

Basketball is played with two teams, with 5 players from each team.

Which companies will hire you for basketball?

There are no companies that hire players for basketball. All teams are privately owned.

College basketball what is the percentage for home teams winning?


What sport has 5 players?

In Basketball the teams usually field 5 players, unincluding substitutes.

How players are there in basketball?

5 players for both teams are allowed on the court at once. They can have any number of bench players

What do NBA players do?

play basketball hard, help their teams win

What clothes do basketball players wear?

They usually wear a basketball jersey shirt and shorts that are in the teams colors.

What mat be the future of basketball?

the future of basketball will almost be the same. The same teams but just different players

How many different basketball teams of 5 players can be created from a group of 7 players?

twenty one

How many players are in the basketball teams?

In a basketball team 5 basketball players are allowed on the court, 12 players are active in one match, and the team is allowed to have 15 players.answered by lecamarcolino-here to get 100% in knowledge

How are basketball and football alike?

You use a ball. You run. The players get money. There are teams.

What is 2v2 in basketball and how do you do it?

It's just a regular game of Basketball, except both teams only have 2 players.

How many players are on the Women's National Basketball Association?

Eleven players per roster X Twelve teams = 132 players

How many players are on basketball teams?

Minimum of basketball team players is 10, and maximum 15. But only 12 players can play in a game, 5 of them will be starters and 7 reserves (substitutions).

What sport has five players on two teams?

The sport of basketball is played with five starting players on each team.

Who are some wheelchair basketball players?

There are many different types of wheelchair basketball teams. Some players on the Canadian wheelchair basketball team are Patrick Anderson, Chantel Benoit and Tara Feser.

What is the minimum amount of players on a basketball court at a time?

10 for both teams combined

How many players in a basketball teams starting line?

only 12 can dress in the NBA

How many players in match in basketball?

A conventional game of basketball involves five players on the floor at a time from each of the two teams competing. However, teams often have substitute players on the bench who relieve starters. In the NBA, for instance, a team is allowed to have 12 active players throughout the season

Which female basketball player is the first US basketball player to play on four olympic teams?

Lisa Leslie