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used to measure the strength of earthquakes?

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Q: What percentage of baseball series are sweeps?
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How many world series sweeps?

Through the 2008 World Series, 20 of the 104 World Series played have been won in sweeps.The Yankees have won 8 times in sweeps, the most of any team. 5 of the last 11 World Series played (1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007) have been won in sweeps.

Number of NHL sweeps in playoff series?

win the first 4 games of the best of 7 game series.

What baseball team has the highest world series winning percentage?

Cincinnati reds

Cricket results India vs S Africa?

India clean sweeps the series.

What is the Most Series Sweeps in a MLB Season?

3 sweepes 9 games by the Yankees

Has the baseball World Series ever been won in 4 games?

No -- the best is three games, done more than once. John Wetteland had four SAVES for the New York Yankees in the 1996 World Series. It may seem strange that, right after doing so, Wettland was released by the Yankees. However, his replacement, Mariano Rivera, hasn't done so badly as a reliever.

What is the definition of a baseball sweep?

A sweep is when one team beats another team in every game of a series. You may see 2, 3, 4 game regular season sweeps depending on how many games are played in the series. A world series sweep would be four games won in a row by one team to start the series.

What the past tense of sweeps?

the past tense of the word sweeps is swept

How the chimney sweeps swept the chimneys?

how the chimney sweeps swept the cimneys

What caused the death of many sweeps?

Illnesses like Chimney Sweeps Cancer

How many chimney sweeps are there in Poland?

As of 2004, There has been 3 chimney sweeps

Do most World Series go to seven games?

No. A seven-game World Series can be rare. The last ones were in 2014, 2011 and 2002. World Series sweeps have been more frequent recently. There have been six since the 1998 Fall Classic.