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Q: What percentage of Americans say they like volleyball?
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How do you say you like volleyball in spanish?

I like volleyball: Me gusta voleibol. I like to play volleyball: Me gusta jugar voleibol.You say it like this: Me gusta el volleyball.

How do you say I like volleyball in French?

J'aime le volleyball

What percentage of Americans say they are Christians?

Approximately 85%

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

What percentage of African Americans use Linux instead of Windows?

It would be fair to say that the percentage of African Americans that use linux is extremely low as is the level of educational attainment by African Americans.

How many people enjoy volleyball?

No number to say... but i like volleyball and a lot of my friends do. Plus there is the whole other population of the world... so i would say A LOT!

How do you say volleyball in Hawaiian?

Volleyball = Wolipale

How do you say Serve a volleyball in Spanish?

servir un voleibol is how you say Serve a volleyball :)

How do you say do you like to play volleyball in spanish?

Te gusta jugar al voleibol?

What do you have to say about volleyball?

Volleyball is the best sport ever. It is so much fun, and there are positions for short people like me too. You need to be skilled to play, but it is awesome.

How do you say happy new year in Canada?

In Canda we say Happy New Year, Just like Americans. In Canda we say Happy New Year, Just like Americans.

How do you say Greece in Greece?

We say Ellatha. The "th" is spelled like Americans say "the".

How do you say to play volleyball in Spanish?

to play volleyball is: jugar al voleibol.

How do you say volleyball in japanese?

cricket in volleyball is written as: クリケット

How do you say she plays volleyball in spanish?

Ella juega Volleyball. (Pronounce volleyball in English given the name of the game is the same.)

What is whatever in spanish?

You can say "no me importa", which is like "I don't really care," or as we Americans like to say, "Whatever."

What percentage of Americans play sports?

73 percent yet many other sources say otherwise

What is more important volleyball or Gears of War?

depends on what you like i say gears of war

What did the volleyball player say to the volleyball when its girlfriend dissed him?

You got Served!

How do you say volleyball player in french?

un joueur de volley, de volleyball

How do you say volleyball in French?


How do you say volleyball in Indonesian?


What percentage of Americans believe in God?

A large majority of Americans (78%) say they believe in God and 15% say they don't believe in God, but do believe in a higher power, according to a July 2008 Gallup poll.

How do you say the score in volleyball?

you say it after you serve but you say yor scor first

What percentage of Americans spay and neuter their pets?

It's hard to say, but they should be spayed and neutered if they're not breeders.