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Q: What percent of youth football players play in high school?
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How many youth football players are in the US?

7,894 youth football players are playing in the US

Who are supposed to use youth football jerseys?

Youth football jerseys are worn by youth football players. One can purchase youth football jerseys at various football clothing and accessories stores.

Do youth football players have a salary?

No, only professional players get paid.

Can you get youth players on football manager 2010 handheld?


What football does Indiana use for middle school games?

We use a Youth Sized football for middle school football in Indiana.

Do high school use youth football helmets?


Can a high-school football coach coach youth football?

yes if he wants to

How much does a youth football quarterback weight?

On average, A middle school football quarterback weighs from 100-115 lbs for grades 7-8. For youth football, check with your league or school for the weight and height regulations

Can you use youth football helmets in high school?

No your football team should distribute their own helmet to you

Do the make youth NFL teams?

No but there is Pop warner, Middle School, High school, and College football. College is a big part of pros though because that's were all the players get drafted from and picked out of in the NFL Draft

How do you get youth players on football manager 2009 handheld?

you cant. unfortunatley u dont hav youth teams although u do have reserves but they dont count

Where do i go to fing a youth football team?

Team youth football and other sports have been funded in everytowns home states, contact your local school or booster club for info.

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