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Q: Can you get youth players on football manager 2010 handheld?
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How do you get youth players on football manager 2009 handheld?

you cant. unfortunatley u dont hav youth teams although u do have reserves but they dont count

How many youth football players are in the US?

7,894 youth football players are playing in the US

Who are supposed to use youth football jerseys?

Youth football jerseys are worn by youth football players. One can purchase youth football jerseys at various football clothing and accessories stores.

Do youth football players have a salary?

No, only professional players get paid.

What percent of youth football players play in high school?


When was American Youth Football created?

American Youth Football was created in 1996.

What do pro soccer players do to become pros?

If they're free agents, they participate in trial games with other free agents in hope that a club scout recommends them to their manager or president. Most start in youth football, though, at teams in their hometown.

What size is a youth football?

In my league (Sierra Youth Football & Cheer): Mighty Mites: pee wee size football Jr Pee Wee: junior size football Pee Wee: junior size football Jr Midget: youth size football Midget: youth size football

Why do soccer players walk out with kids?

It's football not soccer, and the kids are either supporters of the club or part of the clubs youth program.

What is the youth football league called?

There are over 730 youth football leagues throughout the United States. Information of the locations can be found on their website Youth Football League.

Is a youth football bigger than a junior football?

Yes, a youth is bigger than a junior.

When was The Football Conference Youth Alliance created?

The Football Conference Youth Alliance was created in 2005.

When was Football League Youth Alliance created?

Football League Youth Alliance was created in 1997.

How many youth soccer players in England?

1079 players

Are there any football youth camps near Baton Rouge?

Yes, there is one camp that has devoted football students in it. Baton Rouge has an AllStar Kids Football program for avid football players that you can find out more information about in

Do Youth Baseball Players have a salary?


Is there truth in rumour the a football coach sexually abused youth team players at a scottish club that wasn't Celtic?

Nope, only celtic

When did British Youth American Football Association end?

British Youth American Football Association ended in 2007.

When was Shandong Province Youth Football Team created?

Shandong Province Youth Football Team was created in 2011.

When was Korean National Youth Football League created?

Korean National Youth Football League was created in 2009.

How does professional football impact youth football?

Team names

What are the dimensions of a youth size football?

Dimensions for a youth size football will vary depending on the brand and type of football. Most youth footballs will be close to the dimensions of 11.4 x 6.7 x 5.7 inches.

Is Face Tackling still taught in youth football?

Yes, unfortunately Face Tackling is still taught at the Youth Football Level EVEN THOUGH IT IS ILLEGAL almost anywhere you go. Most Youth organizations adhere to their States Football Rules, which make Face Tackling illegal -- but many of the coaches and Referees do not know it because they are playing/coaching/refereeing football the same way they did when they were young or in high school when there was not a rule regarding Face Tackling. In our City Youth Football League the Football Coaching staff participates in off-season football camps (both NFL and College) where they have learned that this is illegal as well as learning the proper/safe way to tackle. However, sadly, with many of the teams we play it is obvious the players are being taught to face tackle which drastically increases their players chances of receiving severe neck injuries. Coach Kam, Thorsby Youth Football Coach

How many players on a youth 9 - 11 soccer team?

11 players

Is the Revo Speed Football Helmet good for youth football?

yes it is