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Q: What percent of roy Williams players have graduated from unc?
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How many coaches have won NCAA basketball championships that graduated from that school?

i know roy Williams has

Who are the best players on the Dallas Cowboys?

i would have to say roy Williams

Where did basketball coach Roy Williams go to college?

Roy Williams graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1972 with a bachelor's degree in education. He continued his studies there through 1973, earning his Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.).

What NCAA Basketball coach has the most players playing in NBA in the last 5 years?

=Roy Williams=

What is Roy Williams's birthday?

Roy Williams was born on December 20, 1981.

When was Roy T. Williams born?

Roy T. Williams was born in 1883.

When did Roy T. Williams die?

Roy T. Williams died in 1946.

When was Roy Williams - cricketer - born?

Roy Williams - cricketer - was born in 1931.

What is the value of a Roy Williams autograph?

What is the value of my Roy Williams Siganture it on a flag

What former Dallas Cowboys player was nicknamed Superman?

Roy Williams

When was Roy Williams - artist - born?

Roy Williams - artist - was born on 1907-07-30.

When did Roy Williams - artist - die?

Roy Williams - artist - died on 1976-11-07.