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Well I like boy sports and these girly girls don't so about 60%

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Q: What percent of girls that want to play boy sports?
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What percent of girls dont want to play boy sports?

A 100%. they prefer to laugh at boys instead

Are girls allowed to play sports?

Of course they are. As long as they want.

What the best sport for girls to do?

Girls can play most sports. Girls can play any sports they want, just depending on what you like. I personally like soccer and cheerleading. Basketball, track, and softball are fun also.

Should women be allowed to play on mens sports teams?

Yes, because it is a free country. Like boys play football girls might want to play football. If girls want to play baseball, hockey, etc.

Why do boys watch girls play sports?

Because they either have nothing better to do or because they want to.

Why do girls get competitive when they play on boys sports teams?

Because they want to prove that they can do anything a boy can do twice as well.

What games can the girls play?

" the girls" can play any games they want to play

What are good sports for girls?

Soccer, gymnastics, hockey/field hockey, ice skating, basketball, and almost any other sport other than football. Well I think girls can play any sports that they want to. EVEN FOOTBALL.

How many girls want to play on the same sports team as boys?

I would say that it would depend on the sport in question. In some sports, sex of the players is of no advantage/disadvantage. Otherwise, the question is to vague for a real answer.

What should girls do for sport?

Whatever they want to do. Girls don´t have to make girly Sports only, if someone likes to Play Football she should Play and don´t listen to People who tell her she shouldn´t Play Football because that´s not girly enough.

Who gets to decide if girls can or can't play boy sports?

i personally dont think anyone should decide because boys should play on a co-ed team as well as girls because if they want to and cant that is a little something called gender bias

What does the UFO do in summer sports paradise island?

Thay want to play sports to :-)

Can girls play on there school's team?

YES because some girls want to play there is no rule about girls playing football

Can you play volleyball and cheerleading?

Yes you can play as many sports as you want.

Why do they play sports in chad Africa?

they want to

Do people have to play sports?

No, Because if you don't want to you don't have to but if you do you can.

Why do people participate in different sports?

people participate in different sports because they want to get better at it or they want to play it for fun

Are men in India encouraged to play sport?

Yes, they are. They want to play sports.

How old do you have to be to play sports?

as old as you want m8.

Can girls play with them selfs in the shower?

Girls can play with themselves anywhere they want too.

Does sports cater for disadvantage people?

Some sports do it just depends what sport you want to play

Is Monster High a girls game?

I think it was aimed at girls, but if you're a boy you can play it if you want. If you like a game play it!

Why do Japanese people play Basketball?

Because they are people like everyone els, who like to have fun too. They want to play sports too. They need a hobbie and sports to play.

What encourages people to play sports?

The thing that encourages people to play sports is mostly because the Olympics have inspired them and they want to be like them an become an Olympian.that is why

Does crack help you in sports?

Drugs do not help people period, if you play sports you want to maintain healthy.