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Q: What percent of girls are better than guys at sports?
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Are girls just as good as boys in sports?

yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys. Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys. Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

Who is better at sports?

Guys are better at sports than girls, because they are a lot stronger and can lift more weight than what a girl can.

Do guys like girls who are really good in sports?

All guys have different tastes when it comes to girls, but I would say that there are guys that do like girls that are good at sports.

Can girls play sports with guys without complaining?

of course!! just depends on the girls. we can play sport just as good as guys {if not better!} :) Xo thanks for rewording my answer. lol

What percent of guys like girls that wear thongs?

All guys love that girls do

What do guys like to talk about?

sports and girls

Do girls like to watch guys play with each other like guys like to watch girls?

Well, it is sometimes better to play with the guys as much as girls especially if you are tomboy. Then it is better because you get to spend more time with the guy. If you like a guy but do not like sports then you should try FLIRTING!

What do guys think of?

I think guys think about sex,girls,sports,and money.

Who is better guys or girls?

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

What guys can do that girls can't?

guys can do everything better :)

Do guys like girls who don't do sports?

well i do sports and my husband loves that i am healthy and do sports!

What should a boy do when he loses to girls at sports?

admit that girls can do anything guys can do(:

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