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i dont know but its a dome idea

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โˆ™ 2008-10-11 18:11:14
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Q: What parts are needed to make a basketball hoop?
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How do you make a basketball hoop?

you buy one from a store instead

What trajectory high or lower would you make basketball in the hoop?

You would make the basketball about 5 inches higher than the basketball hoop. Make sure you body is square to the hoop, your feet are shoulders width apart and your elbow doesn't go farther than a 90 degree angle. Recommend This Please.

How do you tie cords to make a basketball hoop?

it has little knot to put in there

How do you make an indoor basketball hoop?

It depends where you ordered the hoop from. I would advise you to either go to the website from the store you ordered the hoop at, or search the hoop online with instructions for assembly.

How high is the Little Tikes basketball hoop?

The Little Tikes basketball hoop has an adjustable back the can make the hoop two feet five inches, all the way to four feet depending on how tall the child is.

At what age is little tikes basketball hoop appropriate?

Little Tikes makes several different basketball hoop products. Their smallest hoop - the TotSports Basketball Set - is desinged for children as young as 1 and 1/2 years of age to five years of age. They also make an adjustable height basketball hoop for older children in elementary school.

What is womens basketball goals called?

A basket, is when they make a 'goal'. The hoop is what the ball goes through.

How do you make threes in basketball?

If you mean litterly then you cant make threes. If you mean a 3 pointer then you stand on the 3 point line and shoot the ball in the basketball hoop!!

What is the point of a basketball net?

The net's point is to make hte ball go straight down from the hoop.

I live in Tring Hertfodshire and I want to play basketball but I cant find anywere close?

why dont you take a soccerball and make hoop out of plastic and there is basketball

What 5 positons make a basketball team?

point- guard and the 2 people under the hoop and the 2 wings

Where is the cheapest place to make basketball court?

If you have a big flat drive way that's the cheepest way to go or u can buy a portable basketball hoop and play in the street.

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