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The Sweet Spot

Individually signed baseballs usually have the autograph on the sweet spot; the shortest distance between two seams. This location on the Baseball is the most preferred by collectors because it is centered as to the point of view, and pleasing to the eye when displayed. The other "sweet spot" is were the manufacturing stamping is placed on the ball.

The "sweet spot" on team signed baseballs are typically reserved for the manager of the team, or and the teams most popular player. The choice of the player that signs the "sweet spot" can effect the value of the baseball.

Because the "sweet spot" is the most pleasing way to display the baseball, the collector will want to display the player of note as the center piece of the baseball. If the "sweet spot" was signed by a less popular player, and the player of note signed on another spot that cannot be viewed when the "sweet Spot" is displayed, the collector is more apt to pay less for it. The player of note on the "sweet spot" will be more desired, and will bring a higher price when sold.

When acquiring multi-Autographs on one baseball keep in mind that the first player you approach will sign the "sweet spot" first. Asking a less desired player not to sign the "sweet spot" might hurt his ego, and could land up handing you the baseball back signed on the "sweet spot" or not signed at all. Turning down a player when the opportunity is there is not wise as well. Have a "sweet plan" before you start.

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Q: What part on the baseball do you want to get autograph?
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