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There is no singular answer to your question as ALL parts of the foot are utilizied to control the ball. It would depend on each situation during the game that would dictate which part of the foot to use.

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Q: What part of the foot is used for the best control of the soccer ball?
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How do you control a soccer ball?

By using the inside of your foot or the outside...

Why is there a continuing need for soccer?

Because it is amazing how your foot can control the ball.

How can you compare the force of the foot kicking the soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

If the foot exerts a force on the soccer ball, then the soccer ball exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction of the foot.

What is the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

kicking of ball is which force

How do you do an around the world soccer trick?

how to do around the world soccer trick you first control the ball on your foot then you kick the ball in the air quite low so you can get your foot round the ball. that should do the trick

Where on your foot is the best place to kick a soccer ball?

On your inside part of your foot unless you are shooting the ball into the goal then use your laces.

How is a soccer ball kicked?

A soccer ball is kicked by using your foot like a golf club and swinging it.....not the best description but it helps, right?

How was soccer inspired?

It was inspired by Australian "foot ball" It was inspired by Australian "foot ball"

What is soccer officially called?

foot ball

How do you kick a nonrotating soccer ball?

With your foot.

What are teams called in European soccer?

foot ball

What is foot ball in french?

Football in French is Soccer.

While passing the ball in soccer what part of the foot do you use?

the inside of your foot

Which part of your foot do you use to dribble the ball in soccer?

side foot side foot side foot

Who are the worlds best soccer coaches?

I think is Arsen Wenger of Arsenal foot ball club or Alex Ferguson!

What is trapping when you play soccer?

When the ball is coming to you, you must 'trap' it, which is craddling the ball to get it under control under your foot . The most common is when one receives a pass (someone from your team kicks the ball to you so that it's easy to control), they trap the ball with the instep of the foot which usually happens to be perpendicular to the motion of the ball (since it's easiest).

Most played Sport in UK?

Soccer "foot ball"

What is the term for when a player stops the soccer ball with their foot?

A trap

Part of body used when kicking ball in soccer?


What sports does Jake clancy play?

Hockey, Basket ball, Soccer and Foot Ball

How do you do the soccer move maradona?

Step on the ball with your right foot quickly then, spin and pull the ball with your left foot or viseversa.

If you apply Newtons third law of motion compare the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

by applying force to the ball the ball will apply an equal and opposite force on the foot. when you kick the ball, the ball will move forward and your foot will move backward. this force is unnoticeable to the common person simply because we are not looking for it

Where is soccer played in?

Every where soccer is the most popular sport in the world!!!!Soccer is not enjoyed by millions,its enjoyed by billions!!!Basket ball,foot ball,and base ball are only enjoyed by millions,and soccer billions!!!

What part of your foot do you use to dribble a soccer ball?

Your "shoelaces", in other words, the front of your foot.

What are 5 basic soccer skills?

Controlling the ball with proper foot work is essential to playing soccer. Playing well with others, heading the ball since using hands is not allowed, and trapping the ball which helps gain control of the game, are the most basic skills.