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Q: What part of jamacia does Usain Bolt come from?
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What sports will usain bolt take part in?

Usain bolt takes part in the 200m and 100m sprint.

Is Usain Bolt taking part in the 2012 Olympics?

yes usain bolt is he might break another record!

Who took part of the Olympic games?

well in jamiaca Usain Bolt and in australia Susie O'Neill

How much does Usain Bolt bench press?

Usain Bolt has confirmed that he trains Bench Press regulary as part of his strength program. The reason he trains it is however not to be able to press the most. In fact, the reason for training it is to get a good stability and coordination between upper and lower body. In his website, he answer in a interview that he has never lifted more than 230 pounds.

How many competitors will take part in London Olympics?

there will be lots of people competing in the olympics such as vinujan vilvarasa who willl be expected to beat usain bolt in a second hope this helped

Usain Bolts records?

Usain Bolt set world records at the 2008 Games in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and as part of Jamaica's 4x100 meter relay team. He also recently broke the 100m and 200m again in Berlin.

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