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The part of the foot to hit with while performing a back kick, is the heel. It provides more power for the technique.

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Q: What part of foot hits the target while using back kick in karate?
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Shotokan Karate began in the 1930's when Gichin Funikoshi came to Japan to demonstrate Shorin Ryu Karate. As he taught the art in Japan, his students named the style after him, using his 'pen' name of Shoto. The roots of Shorin Ryu Karate go back many hundreds of years.

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What are the types of kicks and punches in karate?

Five kicks that we learn are Front, Back, Side, Roundhouse and Stomp kicks. Karate works with one main punch, a simple straight punch, the target being high, low or middle. There are limited applications for the backfist and a 'tate' punch, which are not very strong.

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